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Date Posted:24-03-2020 03:39:04Copy HTML

Do Not Let The Data, Statistics & Science Deceive You, The World Cup Corona Virus NCOV Just Begin

There are too much bullshit about data & science on this pandemic event.

All of them do not have any clue or understand a basic rule of data is that database & statistic only have meaning after a long period from at least 9 to 12 months.

And the new corona virus global only just began few months.

If you want to look at the data & statistic, you must look at details, not just a cover only.

Where are the people infected density per country?

Where are the death rate after certain amount of day from get infected?

If old people group die after 30 days from get infected rate could be 100%
then that group database after 60 days 90 days 120 days to 360 days are stay the same.

While the young group may have not die within 30 days after get infected, but what about after 90 days 180 days or 360 days? Do any of you know and sure about that data and statistic?

And if after 180 days all the young group also die because of this NCOV COVID-19, so which mean all the young people group and old people group are the same in 180 days league!!!

You cannot say it only affect old people group.

Casualty rate mean nothing if you only look at the cover overall.

That is just an basic knowledge but many of you do not even understand.

I have said about science already in many previous post, it only for kids.

If you wait for the science then the world would collapse like the 2012 movies because of ice melting for sure !!!

You guys better wake up quick before too late. Only me the savior Messiah can save you guys.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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