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Date Posted:31-07-2020 01:51:04Copy HTML

Divine Sacred Meaning Of Sex, Love, Child, Most People Do Not Understand

All mortal humans do not use their brain and do not fully understand the true divine meaning of love, sex, baby. And here will be another sacred lesson for you guys.

Adult people love each other, but not because for “love”.
They just want have sex with each other.
But sex without having baby is just a stupid sex, which many are considering is as an fun, interesting activity. They are living like animals but not like humans.
If love lead to marriage, lead to sex, then it is normal and nothing to talk about.
But human do not really want to have sex, but they want to have a baby because life will become more meaningful.

But do you know a baby child have a divine meaning within them.
It tells adult people to remember, to rethink their history past when they were living as a child.
A child do not have much desire like adult people such as money, power, position, etc.
They do not chasing for physical materialism life style like most old adult people.

Not only that, it remind them that look at the baby and see how healthy and beautiful they were.
They did a terrible mistake which is eating too much and eating wrong stuffs, that lead to more wrong activities. Most people were and are eating too much animal meat, too much protein.
They should reduce and remove that, instead they must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
Just compare group eat less fruits vegetables with the group eat a lot of fruits vegetables.

Will you see a big difference between their life expectancy. Not just between continents but between groups within a nation !

If fruits and vegetables can increase life expectancy, which mean a lot of that will increase much longer human lifespan !!!

People do not really want a baby child but they need to live like a baby child with less desire for material life. They must use their time to study many religions and sacred old text books.
But first, they must change their diet in order to able control their mindset and behavior.

So at highest Gods level you can say sex, love, baby child are just an illusion trap of life !

That is a sacred divine meaning only Gods immortal beings like me and fully understand.
You guys can study, try and test it by yourselves !

Everything has a divine meaning but if you cannot decode and fully understand it correctly, then you only made wrong actions, you cannot out of the matrix dessert and able to head to Mount Kailash and beyond that.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Chirst Buddha Whatever-Name

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