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Date Posted:25-08-2020 12:53:03Copy HTML

Christian People Do Not Understand Correctly About Jesus’s Teaching, Here Is The Eternal Truth

Jesus is not the savior Messiah, because I am the only real savior Messiah.
That is why I am here to clarify what is “wrong” and “correct” from Jesus’s teaching.
Whether he did it on purpose or his knowledge was limited, I do not debate do not care.

The most value thing Jesus did bring to the Christianity was bringing hope about a better future, better world.

He said people should devote, pray worship God.
But what is exactly that mean?

First, you need to understand what is God which Jesus did refer?
Secondly, you need to understand is devote,pray worship truly mean?

Of course everybody have their own understand about the meaning of the word, just like to some people a luxury car is cheap, but too most people they are very expensive.
That is why the higher understanding about the meaning of words from the higher stand point the better.

I am the real savior Messiah, and I am going to give you my knowledge,whether you believe it or not, it is up to you.

The God here is the human’s Creator.
If you ask what is the difference, then I can tell you this God and all of you are having the same body structure. The only difference is that God have higher level of knowledge and wisdom, while you guys do not.

What is devote pray worship truly mean?
It is learning, studying and understanding about life, grow up like God.
And the life here is everything about Earth planet and the Universe environment.It is not just eat work sleep routine.

The term “sacrifice and burn” is just a small subject.
God do not recommend you burn and give anything, but what he really wanted you to burn are those stuffs not important and unused. Because those stuffs are blocking the flow of life energy.
If you look at the Eastern,you will notice they have burning paper ritual !

It is the process from the Infinite Energy Of Life to Human to back.

I can tell you the best ritual of modern era is burning all those stupid plastic clothes, chair, unused stuffs. Not animals nor human beings.
You will get richer, and have better chance of winning lottery number for sure !

And if you want to really understand about life, you should learn more about other religion teaching as well, that is a tough road.

If you want a quicker road, and want really understand whatever kind of Jesus’s teaching, I can explain to you but only when you guys asking at forum, time limited to September 15th 2020.

This is a quick article gift for the Christianity.
Jesus won’t appear in public affair and comeback, there are many thousand beings have the level similar and above him are residing on Earth in many jungle mountain.

You do not just learn to follow the order, but you must learn why you doing it. If you only do but not truly understanding it correctly,then you are doing the wrong thing !

The ultimate purpose of all teaching is you must learn, study and grow like God !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah

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