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Date Posted:31-05-2020 12:40:55Copy HTML

China Just Made A Deadly Mistake But Will The USA Take Advantage Of This Golden Opportunity

Oh boy, so the China Government just made a deadly mistake by introducing the Hong Kong Security Law or whatever called.
Do you know that mean a lot and basically mark the end of the current Chinese Communist Party.
Why I said that? What the important keywords you need to remember:

- All the agreement written in papers are useless.
- 1 Nation 2 Systems.
- Human rights.

That is the agreement made by the top government by British and Chinese in1997.
If you give no fuk about that, so all kind of lower level paper like paper money, debt, agreement this , agreement that you can throw into the toilet !!!

So the USA and all other nations can easily use that reason to cancel all kind of debt they have with China and much more in all aspect of life such as tell Chinese people do not pay debt to the bank and cause chaos of life in China.

And the USA just received a golden life time opportunity, but will those stupid leaders can understand and take advantage of it is another question.
They can show the world what is a real 1 nation 2 systems and a real human rights laws look like.
I have already gave them the framework and ingredients but they must do the rest,because:
- I am not an US citizen.
- I am not living in the USA.
- I am not get paid for the work.

As a neutral player I cannot help them for free, I cannot give them a perfect best suitable constitution system but not help any other nations on Earth.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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