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Date Posted:18-12-2020 02:09:49Copy HTML

Before Collapse, Many Big Companies Will Either Issues Their Own Cryptocurrency Or Pick One

Diversity and unique is the way to go of the future.

So many and most the big companies will fail and collapse for sure.
And if you want to get rich then remember this:

- Before they collapse, they will either issue their own cryptocurrency or pick the existing one.
And when they pick the existing one, that cryptocurrency must:

+ Never been ICO.
+ Low transaction fee.
+ Easy to use.

+ Coin must be distributed through public mining or in a fair way like using old historic bank notes like I have said before.

Example: Tesla will pick Dogecoin, the Dogecoin will rise skyrocket and fail later, same as Tesla company once the public find out electric car is not good for environment like what they are hearing on the media.

That just an example of an obvious company.
So if you want to get rich, go invest once.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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