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Date Posted:14-03-2020 02:57:27Copy HTML

Allow Maximum Free Speech Is The Only Way To Save The West From A Complete Destruction By Corona Virus NCOV

You must face the truth, I have to say this even though many of you may see as a negative post or fear monger post at this moment.

The Europe & America need to remember that they are importing essential stuffs like foods, drinks & clothes from the East. It is just matter of time when the East and “poor” nations will have to ban all kind of essential stuffs like foods, drinks to the West in order to have their own survival stuffs for their own citizens. Many nations already have banned face mask, and have a complete travel ban from all countries.

The western government need to remember that, censorship is the main problems lead to this current situation from China. The strength of the West is freedom of speech, but their government officials said no because of their own stupid !!!

What wrong with theory only text-base post about the new corona virus?

There is nothing wrong with talking anything about the new corona virus, you must treat is a a novel, not just a diseases.

There are a lot of much more fear monger and cause much more trauma for people like video games, pictures, movies, etc.

The new corona virus is the beast was written from the Bible at the end time revelation for sure.

So you better accept that fact and find a way to live with it, no nations can prevent it.

You can only stay away from it if you stay at home like what China are doing.

But once you start resume normal trading, you will get that again.

Mark my words: the Wuhan will receive that epidemic again within next few months after normal trade resume within few weeks.

The fact I can tell you that billions of people around the world already get the “seed” of this virus inside their body, it just matter of time before they display symptoms and sickness.

As a neutral position, I can only advice not the West but East as well that: You must allow maximum freedom of speech around this corona virus, this corona virus will never go away just like animals like mosquito, monkey, lion, tiger, etc.

You cannot treat this corona virus as a disease but you must treat is like any other type of virus or even upgrade to a “dangerous animal”.

Whether you like it or not, but this new corona virus is the beast from the Bible’s end time, and it will never miracle go away.

You must face the truth, then study that virus NCOV and find a way to live with it, there is no any other choice.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Anyname

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