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Date Posted:10-02-2021 03:58:57Copy HTML

All Your Actions Lead To A Same Question: Have You Level Up Your Own Body Or Not

No matter what ideology you have about life, no matter what actions you takes such as do this, do that, rituals, study, learning, trading, etc. It is all does not matter.

The only thing matter in life and the ultimate purpose every beings will face is “how much knowledge and wisdom did you gain, have you able to live till 1000 years or more?”.

The world you are living is just an illusion.
If divide it into many level like a video games then this world is only at the lowest level.
There are much more above level than this world.
But you can only “see” it and “move” to it only when you know how to “level up” your body your character by your own.
You cannot “level up” with gemstones or with any kind of energy.
It is all about whether you able to “unlock” the secret of mind and life.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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