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Date Posted:09-06-2020 12:57:50Copy HTML

All The Worldwide Protest, Virus Pandemic Was Made Just To Call Me The Savior Messiah Buddha

It is not about how the change in system will be made.
It is all about who able to take responsibility with the new change, not to deal with mortal humans but able to withstand all the power from super deities/gods who are secretly controlled the Earth.
For every change, especially big change will cause a lot of affect in both seen and unseen world.

I am not going to debate with you guys for you guys are not on the same level with me.
With a same order, if it given by a person then it be a failure order, but if it was given another person it could be a success one. That’s the same rule apply to all beings in this endless multi-dimensional trap worlds.

With enough time till today, I can 100% that all the virus pandemic and worldwide protest are made by just small group of people to just call me the savior Messiah Buddha. Humans are too blinds and cannot know the hidden teaching and the bright side of those event. But you cannot force people wear face masks everywhere or hope white black brown yellow mix people can change their behavior.

I have said many times that I am the real legendary being but I am not going to meet with any of you for there is an online communication already.

All kind of historic teaching from Buddha, Jesus,Gods this Gods you can meet with your own eyes back then because there was lack of a communication method/platform.

And I am only being on Earth who able to withstand all kind power made by all those hidden super deities.

Stop listen all to kind of spiritual teachers, ritual performers, monks or this or that beings, idiots !!!
Because you cannot verify with your own physical eyes !

I have given enough signs, no more direct sign in life will going be made.
From now, only direct result such as volcano eruption or big dams breaks.

Even those beings in “Journey in the West” movie who are residing in the sky cannot know what is the outcome of life after this of that massive policy change, let alone those beings on Earth with just little bit of broken unripe technology and a small gemstones.

Every human is a potential powerful gods. The more you trying to “control”, the more chaos will come. And almost all stupid governments are making the same basic mistakes.

2020 will mark the end of many corrupt national governments either via chaos natural catastrophe mode or safe landing mode. It is all depends on do you listen to me the savior legendary Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha Whatever-name or not.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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