Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:15-01-2021 02:39:30Copy HTML

All Secret Societies Groups Are Making Deadly Mistakes About The End Time & Do Not Understand Ancient Prophecies In A Correct Way

Many ancient prophecies have talked about the end time, but how many of you can understand that in a correct way?
It is sad to see public normal people are dying while those “in charge” are too stupid and do not know what the hell are they doing.

If you want to understand all the ancient prophecies in a correct way, you must first understand and know “where the language come from?” and “who beings did make that prophecies”.

The secret of language is easy and complex at the same time.
Even with a same words, some beings will understand this way while some others will understand in other direction. Why?
Because it all about real life experience.
Without real life experience, you cannot fully understand the meaning of languages.

The reason why all kind of elders group, secret societies cannot understand all the ancient prophecies in the correct way is because the “author” of those prophecies have much higher level than all of you combine. So no matter what you are trying to “decode” those ancient prophecies you cannot understand it correctly until after the“result real life events occur”.

Because the “author” of those ancient prophecies fully know the secret of the universal life, secret of human body, while you guys do not !

When did those ancient prophecies was made, before or after the appear of the online internet?
The answer is that all the ancient prophecies you guys are following was made before the online internet era.

So what is the most important objective and hope in all of those ancient prophecies?
Of course it is the savior, who is the only one able to tell you what is right what is wrong in real life, and give you you the right direction to escape the matrix.

But guess what, all of the secret societies group only was and are preparing one way which is the savior will appear in real person physical offline.
They put all eggs in a same basket, while there is a huge possibility for the savior only appear via online internet.

The secret of all ancient prophecies is not about the timing, it is not about the sign, the number of events, it is all about savior, once you able to find the savior then the job is done, you don’t need to worry and should care about the rest of prophecies anymore. Why?
Because all life and all events your mind can think of all exist at the same time in the Universe.
It is all about you, whether you can grow and escape the matrix of life or not.

But if you cannot escape and able to know the secret of life by yourself or by your group, then you must seek help from others. It is better to receive help and escape the matrix than do not receive help then die in this endless matrix of life.

All human beings are equal, that why as the real Savior from many ancient prophecies, I am not going to showing up in real life and tell you what you should do it real life. Those treaty are only apply to animal beings.
The only way I will help you is giving you knowledge and wisdom via the online internet.
But if you do not open your mindset to receive new knowledge and willing to change, there is noway to save you.

Your life is all about you, but not about others, you can only save you first before think for others.
The doomdays is coming, remember the date 03/03/2021(from the Bible) I have said few years ago !

Words languages are all meaningless if you do not have real life experience, so do not try to decode ancient prophecies and think this or that is the way to do, to go, you are wasting your time and in the wrong direction. Remember the ultimate goal is finding the savior but not follow this or that steps/actions.
If you do not put faith and hope in me, then you are the one going to vanish and disappear !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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