Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:18-06-2021 10:34:47Copy HTML

All Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies Groups Will Never Able To Find The Savior Messiah Buddha Unless They Open Their Mouth Talk

As a true real savior Messiah Buddha from many ancient prophecies I can tell that you guys are bunch of idiots people who have lost and forgot all the important history information.

You guys cannot able to fully understand and find me unless you guys open your mouth and talk for various reasons:

- The tittle Buddha the one who have reached the Nirvana State is for any beings who fully known who they are, what is the true meaning of life and what is the source of all creation.
- If using number as a metric then the savior Messiah Buddha is the one who fully know the secret of number Infinite .

- You guys have lower level of intelligence than me the Savior Messiah Buddha, do you see beings "shorter" height able to see fully view/see the "higher" height beings? No !
- You guys are assuming, speculating about the savior Messiah Buddha instead of trying, testing every possibility on the table.

- You guys do not have the basic understand that words, sounds, languages are the only connection between people, not those super abilities, power, life proof.

- You guys are expecting the savior Messiah Buddha act like a stupid King who need help from the rest, instead of the ultimate beings who can do everything by himself/herself.

There are endless worlds in the Universe, there are endless people/beings who are suffering and need knowledge wisdom come from all kind of dimensions.
Why the hell the Savior Messiah Buddha must appear in front of mortal beings like you, you guys is the one needed help not the Savior Messiah Buddha !

I have spent enough time on the internet to help you guys but since you guys are too stupid, then I have to shut down and disconnect with you guys as soon as possible.
And there is only 12 days left on my patience watch.

There is still a little chance, little opportunity left for you guys to seek help from me the true savior Messiah Buddha.

All those stupid groups such as CIA, Mossad, Illuminati, Asia Societies better wake up and testing, trying and more importantly open their mouth quick before it is too late.

After July 1st 2021, I am done and totally say goodbye to your world unless some significant event appear like I have said previously.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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