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Date Posted:26-01-2020 08:42:01Copy HTML

All Governments & Organizations Are Making A Critical Basic Mistake About Climate Change Global Warming Subject

Life exist beyond Earth planet, it is always connect with the Universe.

How about all the “climate change, global warming” experiment test area?

It only occurred in small fixed room lab.

In businesses, in order to success, you must first make small model product first then test it out. You do not make mass products without small experiment in advance.

That basic same knowledge apply to the climate change & global warming as well.

But now, instead of small test. They only fight in theory & want do mass product without any real life experiment.

The small test here mean test in less than 10 days of what actions you think it is “right”, what actions do you think is going to “save/reduce” global warming.

It is super easy to do the test in whole Earth about global warming subject.

The big question is what the hex all the Governments & secret societies are thinking?

Why there is no real life test about global warming subject, but only theory battle and tell the mass the wrong info.

Sorry to all governments, secret groups/organizations that: if there is credit money, so there is also credit dead karma ! At some point in 2020, many of you will disappeared by divine unseen force.

All ancient civilizations collapsed because they did not understand the environment.

That same rule apply to this civilization as well.

I have tried my best to convince & help you guys, but if you guys still choose dark over light, do not open your eyes, then you must die to wake up the people, there is no other choice. The ultimate DEADLINE for all is 20th February 2020.

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Saoshyant Kalki Christ Anyname


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