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Date Posted:12-07-2020 01:37:23Copy HTML

All Governments Are So Lame, They Want To Manage People But Do Not Understand Human Features, Actions

If you want to “manage” people on Earth correctly:
- You must fully understand, know about what exactly is human, the features and actions with deep explanation, the true meaning of human life circle.
- You must understand how the Earth functions & operation.

Sadly, all the organizations and governments have no clue about all of those. That why they are giving wrong orders & direction for the people.

No anybody of those fully understand human life circle and the human potentials.
Human life circle here is from young baby age to old age with a lot of different actions & activities.
Why human do this, why human do that, they do not know.
They do not even know what is the difference between humans and animals.

That is why they cannot control their behaviors and have many animals actions.

Do you know why humans love sex, what is the sex secret, what is the true meaning of sex?
All the public governments & organizations do not know is basic question, let’s alone other subjects.

The difference between humans and animals are the mindset, but many of them cannot control it, that why you see many animal actions such as:
- Have sex before marriage, have sex without love, have sex for fun.
- Eat raw meats like sushi, medium rare eat, even though it contains a lot of virus & bacteria.
- Live without purpose.

Many secret groups, organizations only want to control the people but not want to help the people. They are promoting this promoting that just to recruit members for whatever purpose.
For if they really want to help and give the right direction they must seeking working solutions from whoever have it.

I have said from long time that I have the answer for all the problems on Earth but you guys must open your mouth and seek help.

Mortal humans only lead others to mortal world with end destruction for all.
Only immortal humans can lead the people to immortal world.
That is the way of life !

Only me the savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha, can able to help you guys have a better fairer life. Only me have the correct answers and solutions for all the problems on Earth.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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