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Date Posted:30-12-2020 02:35:30Copy HTML

A True Fair Evolution Cryptocurrency That Can Easily Destroy Bitcoin, Ethereum

The new concept, ideas belong to me the savior Messiah Buddha, no any beings/entities is allowed to using it without my permission.

Have you wonder is that possible to defeat some major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum?
Most if not all of you will answer no way.

But my answer is that there is a way, it is very easy.
There are 2 type of cryptocurrencies at the moment: 1 is mining, 2 is via promoting/marketing.
Do you know the weakness of them?
The developers/investors at the early stage take a lot of profit and are the true controllers.

All you need to do is have a new cryptocurrency with great equal and fairness for everybody, but about what?
About how the “money/coin” was mining/printing and how the system running.

Here is my example for that type of true fair cryptocurrency coin for all:

Name: True Fair Coin (TFC)

Max Quantity Supply: Based on users.
How the coin is mined:
Every30 minutes: 100 new coin blocks will be introduced for users to choose.
Every 60 minutes: 100 approved mined coin will distributed to users based on their choice.
Coins Distributed Rate based on the number of users on each block, the more users the less coin you get.

Mining restriction per user such as 1 IP/Device only allowed to “enter/receive” free coin once time every 24 hours. This is including open a new wallet.

How the user can get/mine coin for free:
1. Download and install the official software on any device from computer, laptop to smartphone.
2. Open the software for 15 minutes.
3. Choose your wallet address and the “on going block” out of 100 - 200 new coin blocks.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes after the coin blocked mine time finished to receive your free coin.

All hardware devices no matter “strong” or “weak” are equal, as long as you can install and open that software then are you good to go !

But overall, the coin mining number will be fixed, you do not need to solve any bullshit math or need big super computer in order to get some computer coin.

How the transactions between users:
- Transaction fees: from 0.000001% to 0.001% of the sending amount. Allow to select who pay fee.
- Transaction settlement speed: from within 10 minutes to maximum 24 hours depends on the fee you chose. But you will get random time within that time frame of your choice.
- Transaction description/notes: allow to enter whatever they want but optional.

- Wallet address: you can use default free wallet address account or pay a small fee to create your own unique username.

So where is the transaction fees go?
- A major portion will be added random to all the “new coin blocks” as a bonus.
- The rest small portion will send to the company who are managing the project.

How the new fair cryptocurrency coin project should go to the public:
In order to make the project is success, you do not create the coin first then trying to marketing, do ICO,etc.

Firstly: you need to promote the concept the coin.
Secondly: ask users who want to use the coin download the software and have demo time.

Thirdly: the project coin official run after some demo test days. Minimum 10000 users.

That is the basic concept idea of a true fair coin.
Since I do not receive any funds to do or even have true desire, so I can only giving you a basic ideas. The full details can be easily presented later if have a true demand.

For any donation and request about the topic/subject you want to hear, please visit

Best Regard,
The Savior

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