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Date Posted:27-01-2020 09:27:47Copy HTML

A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

Many groups “behind the scene”, many secret societies have different ideologies about how to run planet Earth or more correctly: what living system is the best for all.

What is the best one, what is the most suitable one for all?

My answer is tha tall are not good enough, because the best the most suitable international living system in 2020 on Earth planet is the one I design below.

Why the design structure from me is better than all you guys?

Because I have reached immortals & nirvana state. Any of you have reach to that state.

If I have to put money on 2 sides one said already know the secret of immortality, and second is just mortal being. Then even without verify, the first one is always from draw to win over the second one.

That is just a quick introduction, now go into the main subject.

Basic Core Objective

- Free people mindset & their desire, let’s them self discover the truth and the God.

- Each nation will act similar like a social network website, and they will compete with each other fair & equal.

- Most people will have the rights to choose the most suitable nation/website base on their own believe.

- Groups with certain number of members will have the right to create a new nation,the new one must have completely different ideology with the rest, no copy/paste and manipulate others.

- Fair & equal competition here mean you can talk whatever or have any policy you like, there is no racist, no bad or good, but everybody must have the right to out or in freely.

Example: A nation with only white people who speak English, only yellow people who speak Chinese, or only black people who was born in Africa, etc.

If you ask whoever what is the final purpose from Creator God of humans, then my answer is that: it is just waste of time for you cannot verify it.

So the best target this civilization should be archive is respect each other ideology of how to run a nation. For at the end of the day, whether “capitalism”or “socialism, communism” or whatever, if you still die, then it is all the same.

So it is better to have real life experiment, real competition and give people free choice to live in a society in a nation they feel the best suitable for them.

How to implement a new international system with above objective?

I have already gave out the details of new financial system with 2 options for all nations.

Financial system isthe main core to connect between nations.

The last, and the most important one is the Gold Key material where it is going to be global standard for all. Because it is too special that why it will revealed only after the Bronze Key & Silver Key requirement fully unlocked.

Gold Key will act like the international internet network for all nation social network website.

Nation must stop intervene and tell other nations of how to run their system for youare using your own situation your own mindset and think it is the way to go for the others. But the truth that is the way to self-destroy your own homeland at unseen spiritual level. Because if any national government “too bad” then they will either receive natural catastrophe or receive revolution from within.

What is better than my system? Have any mistake/loophole in above system?

As a savior, I am happy to have any debate with any of you.

But I am 100%confident that my international system is the best out of the all for it is respect people & respect nations fair and equally.

Forget about any traditional deal or agreement between secret groups/nations, that is not the way to go and it is just waste of time.

If you want any debate battle or communication, go to

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Whatever-Name

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Re:A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

Date Posted:18-04-2020 09:29:59Copy HTML

Learn to type. You look like an idiot.
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Re:A Perfect Most Suitable International Living System For Planet Earth In 2020

Date Posted:18-04-2020 12:27:47Copy HTML

Nice report ! The forum software have some problems when copy paste words from computer.
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