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Date Posted:27-06-2020 01:34:11Copy HTML

A New Additional International Financial System Established By Sanction Countries & Asia Will End The Current World Madness

There is a way can easily defeat the US Dollar& the Euro with a special strategy.
There is absolutely noway for the USA and the West to erase sanctions or have any change to end the current modern slave. So it is better for all the “slave”nations to setup an new additional international financial system to compete with the IMF.

All the current sanction countries such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. and the Asia should setup a brand new start-up global financial system.

An example of the new one can defeat the US Dollar, Euro is here:
- Currency rate will based on the inflation rate of each nations and be observed carefully via the other nations, and only change once per week or per month. The final inflation rate will be the result of average rate reported from each other member nations.
- All nations will have to setup a new office to receive report about local government corruption and observe the inflation rates in all other nations. All nations will have the new set minimum base note.
-There will be a trading limit and restriction rule like if reach 1000 dollar per person then that nation will receive a warning, if reach 2000 dollar of import goods then will not allowed to import goods anymore but still allow export good, the restriction will lift only your nations debt within the new system back to under 1000 dollar per person.
- All the foreign currency exchange rate via commercial banks will use a same official rates, no any additional rate and random set by each banks like the current one.
- Each nation in the new financial block will have their own rule own permission about how to deal with the other nations from the IMF or any new other financial system.

A currency is always backed by a government and is tell you the stable and life of any nations.
But now if you can have a new organization like above then your national currency value will skyrocketing because it will be backed by many nations as well and via the most fair rule which is the inflation rate.

Imagine a new financial organization with Japan, new China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, which mean all the member currency will backed by over 2 billions people and will going to crush the current US dollar backed by oil and the Euro back by over 500 billions people. And that is just as mall Eastern Asia region, if including the West Asia then that will be nearly 4 billion people.

That is the way to defeat the US dollar & the Euro.
You do not need gold-backed currency because the most powerful is the knowledge-backed currency.
A new virtual invisible government with a virtual currency combine a lot of small individual currencies, what a great strategy !

All the sanctioned nations and the Asia have nothing to lose, they should kick off the great life reset.
As long as using only knowledge to fight, but not the Gold physical threat like the North Korea are doing, then it will be perfectly ok for the West.

Hello the Asia the East, if you want to this special strategy, you must get the permission from me the Savior first in advance.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Kalki Maitreya Buddha Anyname

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