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Date Posted:08-02-2020 10:19:06Copy HTML

20 Millions US Dollar Special Offer To Youtubers & DigitalContent Creators Till 28/02/2020

Hi youtubers,streamers & other digital content creators in general,

You guys may knowthat the most important subject on the world today is the new Coronavirus nCOV outbreak started from Wuhan, China. Many billions if nottrillions dollar & life have lost because of this epidemicdiseases. This is the most dangerous & deadly virus humanity everfaced last 10,000 years.

I can tell you thatI have a perfect working cure to solve this deadly virus problem &event. I am fully well known the weakness, strength & themechanism of this nCOV that is why I can easily solve this problem.

But I do not want toappear on the public, I do not want to become a celebrity, I justwant live quietly, talk & communicate with Government &international organization through the internet.

In order formy voice to be heard, I need some messengers like you guys: theyoutubers, streamer and video content maker, etc. That is the mainreason for this important message.

I have a veryspecial offer for all of you:

- 20 Millions USDollar for 1 video upload on your main channel.

- 2 Millions USDollar for 1 sharing message on all social media platform you guysare using.

The video contentor message must include this article & link:

You can makevideo or share message in whatever style you want, including like:
-Is this real or not?

- nCOV already havea cure? You should read this.

- I am pranking ...

- Government mustgive this guys a chance.


Money Reward:

- Will be paid outdirectly to your bank account via internationalorganization/government, whatever payment method you prefer.

- As early as 2020and after this nCOV problem solved globally.

The deadline forthis offer is February 28th 2020.

After this deadlinegone: this offer will be void.

You guys can trustor gambling in me you if want to be rich. This is very low risk butvery high reward.

I am holding theworking cure so I am like the bank who can print whatever amount ofmoney as I want.

Become themessengers/angels to save this Earth World and don’t have to worryabout money anymore?

This is once inlifetime offer, so I hope you guys can spend more time to visit mywebpage, read my messages and give out your decision wisely.

If you want tojoin this journey and event:
You can submit thevideo/message link either public or privately through webpage oremail.

If you wantany custom deal or more reward, any questions, feel free tocommunicate with me:



I do not want totell any thing about the religion subject but I can say that I am thesavior of this Earth World.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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